Hardware and Peripherals

The same hammer can both break windows and build cathedrals,” (Johnson, 2010) is a quote that speaks to the importance of selecting the right tools for the right job which is a major key for providing students with a quality education that prepares them to effectively compete in a global society. Technology is a process and should be used to prepare students to interact with their global neighbors, analyze, create and evaluate situations and appropriate tools to perform in various academic institutions or on the job.

Digital Cameras

Document Cameras

Interactive White Boards


Response Systems
Miscellaneous Tools
100 Ways to use Digital Cameras

Document camera in the classroom

Smart Exchange

LiveBinder iPads in Schools

Mouse Michief
Using the digital camera

Mimio Connect

App Volume Purchasing Explained

Primary classrooms

Promethean Planet

iTouch and iPod Resources (also LiveBinder)

Displaying and Sharing

TES - Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

iPad for Special Needs

Kodak Ideas

Initial iPad Set-up

Going Digital

iPads in Education

Classroom Activities

Digital Education