Technology should play a vital role in designing and implementing rich lessons that allow students to take ownership of information and materials taught. Multiple means of representing information facilitate student ability to analyze, create, understand, organize and make the information useful for survival and successfully competing in a global society. Finding resources and content that can be useful in motivating students can be time consuming. Pathways will provide technology tools that can be integrated into the curriculum to promote higher order thinking skills and a challenging environment for learning.

is designed to help perform specific tasks. These programs may be commercial, or open source. This software includes database programs, word processors and spreadsheets.

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The same hammer can both break windows and build cathedrals,” (Johnson, 2010) is a quote that speaks to the importance of selecting the right tools for the right job which is a major key for providing students with a quality education that prepares them to effectively compete in a global society. Technology is a process and should be used to prepare students to interact with their global neighbors, analyze, create and evaluate situations and appropriate tools to perform in various academic institutions or on the job.

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