Internet Resources

Internet tools can be used in the classroom to promote collaboration, problem solving and creativity. These tools range from administrative tools to activate, assess and provide instruction to gaming and self paced activities. According to futurist Elliot Masie, gaming allows students to test limits in a safe environment and create an external and internal competitive spirit. Students can use online resources to design educational games or participate in educational activities created by teachers.

Assessments and Rubrics

Rubrics and assessment tools can be used to assess prior knowledge. Click on the links to discover tools that can be used in your classroom to engage students.
4Teachers Intel Assessing Projects Intel Visual Ranking Tool JetPunk Quiz Puzzlemaker Scholastic Rubric Maker Teacher Planet teAchnology Instant Rubric Maker Yacapaca


Avatars can be used for reteaching concepts and to represent student images online.
DoppelMe GoWild Voki

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards can be used to post comments, upload documents and share and collaborate on projects.
CorkboardMe Linoit Stiky Wallwisher


Converters can be used to change formats of images, videos, etc. to play on a variety of platforms
Image Converter


Ebooks can be downloaded onto pads for classroom or on the go reading.
BookRix CK-12

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizer can be used for brainstorming, creating diagrams to organize data, and real time collaboration. Cacoo EdHelper Education Place Gliffy Holt Mind42 Mindmeister Popplet Recipes4Success Simple Mapper T-Chart TeacherVision Text 2 Mind Map

Image Editor
Resize, crop, or edit images

Learning Management

Edmondo Schoology

Microsoft Office Games

A number of TV shows have been created using PowerPoint, word and excel. Templates should be downloaded and replaced with curriculum related topics.
Dr. E. Microsoft Office Games Interactive Games PowerPoint PowerPoint Games Parade of Games Jeopardy Labs

Digital Storytelling
Using computer based tools to tell a story enhances writing skills, problem solving and creativity. Creating a storyboard helps to put thoughts together and a plan for the finished artifact.
Animoto Audacity PhotoStory3 GoAnimate


Puzzle Planet

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can be used for tutorials as well as reteaching.
Algebasics Brightstorm Grade specific videos Cosmo Learning Futures Channel Khan Academy National Geographic


Create interactive web-based flash cards or other activities to study online.
Flashcard Machine Gotbrainy Lexipedia Lingro Quizlet Snappy Words Tagul Spelling City Study Stack VisuWords Vocabulary VocabGrabber VocabSushi Worditout Wordle Wordstash
Online Tools




Graphic Organizers

Bulletin Boards




Convert Images

BookRix - Brainstorming and collaboration

CorkboardMe Share and collaborate on projects.

Algebasics Video and audio tutorials for basic Algebra.

National Geographic Videos, text, and Images from the US and other countries.

Flashcard Machine - C Interactive web-based flashcards.
Intel Assessing Projects - Database of assessment tools including rubrics and checklists

Linoit - Upload video, documents and images. Make comments using sticky notes.

Gotbrainy - Create video vocabulary.
Intel Visual Ranking ToolVisual assessment of student understanding

DoppelMe -


Cacoo - Create diagrams online

Stixy - Upload documents, images and post comments using sticky notes. Invitation required.

Lexipedia - Multi-lingual visual dictionary that creates a word web and defines words based on parts of speech.


Wallwisher - Post comments and messages using online sticky notes. No registration required.

Lingro - turns all the words in any website or digital text into a clickable dictionary and translates text into 12 different languages.

Go Wild-

Popplet - real-time collaboration

Quizlet - Create flashcard sets with terms and definitions

Snappy Words - online interactive English dictionary and thesaurus finds the meanings of words and draw connections to associated words.
Rubric Maker


Tagul- create word clouds
Rubric Maker

Spelling City - create and practice spelling words
Rubrics for Teachers

Study Stack - find or create flash cards or other activities to study online or off.

VisuWords - look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.
Teachnology Instant Rubrics

Vocabulary - words that are essential to business and academic success.
Brightstorm - Grade specific videos

VocabGrabber - analyzes text, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing how those words are used in context.
Cosmo Learning

VocabSushi - build vocabulary by using real sentences from classic literature.
The Futures Channel

Worditout - create word clouds to identify key vocabulary and key words in digital text.

Wordle - identify key vocabulary in digital text. Try copying and pasting more than one related article into Wordle to get the big picture.

Wordstash - create word lists to support written text to access dictionary information and create flash cards for review.