Pedagogy can be simply defined as the correct use of instructional strategies. By focusing on effective pedagogical practices with the most challenging, moderate or advanced learners, it is possible to identify critical elements of teaching that results in success for all children. CREDE, Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence, located in California, conducted research based on a sociocultural framework focusing on diverse cultures and language and identified 8 commonalities that unite people. Sound pedagogical practices can assist in providing the strategies for meeting the identified 8 commonalities and resources for cultivating effective classroom practices to advance academic achievement. Strong Pedagogical based learning environments drives achievement and engagement and produce globally competitive learners

Blooms' Digital Taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension
Created by Vickie Davis, the wheel includes revised Bloom's and digital activities for each process

Vikie Davis

Blooming Web Tools
Include Questions stems and tools for creating artifacts to demonstrate mastery learning.

The Gateway to News, Literature and training. Visit GEMS to explore a repository of online projects for creating a project based learning environment

Digital Learning Environments
Guide to digital learning created by a partnership from HP, INTEL and Tech and Learning. This site targets administrators, IT facilitators, technicians, teachers and other stakeholders working to build successful K-12 programs

Inside the Teenage Brain
Brain research can provide insight into how students learn and strategies for implementing best practices. New imaging technology has shared new light on the structures and processes of the human brain

Partnership for 21st Century Learning
Strategies for advocating for 21st Century Readiness for all learners. Presentations, strategies and resources are provided for classroom implementation.