Professional Standards
The goal of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards is to align the professional standards with the State Board Mission to have every public school student graduate from high school globally competitive for work and post secondary education and prepared for life in the 21st Century. This mission dictates a paradigm shift for teachers and teaching. The standards provide a basis for teaching, teacher evaluation and professional development. Learning Forward provides a quick reference guide on Standards for Professional Learning that outlines characteristics of effective learning. Remember to consider the North Carolina State Board of Education Policy Manual that outlines the code of ethics as you explore your professional standards for each subgroup listed below.

Central Office Administrators

School Counselors

Media Specialists

Principals and Assistant Principals

School Psychologists

School Boards Association

Social Workers


Technology Facilitators

NCEES Support Staff and Comparison Chart

NCEES Proposed Rubrics

North Carolina Professional Educator Standards: Quick Comparison Chart