Cap MockupsTools for learning
Livebinder A2Z

A - create text-to-speech animations
Alice - 3D programming to create an animation for storytelling, playing an interactive game, or a video
Animoto - create professional quality videos with images and music
Audacity - record and edit music and or voice files
Audioboo - audio-blogging site that allow updates through the web or with a phone.
authorSTREAM - publish and share PowerPoint presentations or download published presentations
Aviary - create, edit and manipulate images


BeFunky - add fun effects to photos or photo sharing sites.
Bibme – bibliography tool
Big Huge Labs - create puzzles, posters, magazine covers, mosaics, calendars, badges, and trading cards
Bitstrips - create comics and cartoons - animate pictures to make people, animals or objects appear to be talking
Block Posters - make full size posters from pictures
Blogger – create a blog
Bookr – create and share photobooks using flickr images
Box - online file storage and collaboration tool - create or collaborate on mind-maps
Build your Wild Self - create human/animal hybrids
Bundlr - clip, aggregate and share web content
Buzzword - online word processor


Camstudio - record your computer screen
Capzles - combine photos, videos, blog posts and mp3s into multimedia storylines
Catch - create private notes or share them with others.
Cartoonster - tutorials on how to create animations
Cellsea - add effects to pictures.
Chatzy – chat tool - create educational games, activities and diagrams
Comicbrush - create and share comics using drawings and photos
Commoncraft – video tutorials - flash game makers
Create a Graph – create graphs
Creative Commons Search - Repository of media and resources
Creatly – create graphics and flowcharts
Custom Sign Generator - create logos, avatars, comics and signs


Dabbleboard - online whiteboard
Delicious - social book-marking site
Diigo – social book-marking site with annotation and highlighting capabilities
Diipo - social networking for the classroom
Dipity - create media-rich timelines
Discovery United Streaming – digital resources
DivShare - upload, store, manage and embed files
Doink - create and share animations
Domo - create animations
Doodle Poll – event scheduler
DotSUb - upload videos and add subtitles
Dropbox - virtual storage, back up, collaborations and sharing
Dropmocks - create photo galleries
DroppelMe – create an avatar


Edmodo - social networking for the classroom
Edublogs - online blogging
Embedit - upload and embed documents into blogs or websites
Engage – online community
eThink - online community
ESP - identify words in images to discovery the challenge word
Evernote - note taking tool used to record text, pictures, and voice memos
ExploreATree – think guides and graphic organizers


Facebook – social networking
Five minute Life Videopedia - find short videos for practical questions
Filtered - Online training courses for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word
FIZZ – flipping classroom videos
Flickr – virtual image storing and sharing
Fotobabble - create talking photos
Freemind - create mind-maps


Gimp - image manipulation
GlassGiant - create custom posters
Gliffy - create flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans and technical drawings
Glogster - create online posters/glogs
Gnowledge – create, publish, share and take tests
Go!Animate - create animated comic strips and cartoons
Google – create Google Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, web sites, and other things google
Greenfoot – create graphic representation of objects and simulations


Hivemind – online collaborative “To DO” list
Hot Potatoes - create interactive exercises, such as quizzes and crosswords


ImageChef - create custom images by combining text, symbols and photos
Incredibox - create music by dragging and dropping melody and harmony
Instapaper - save web pages for reading later
Intel Thinking Tools – tools to promote higher order thinking skills
iPadio - broadcast from any phone to the Internet
iSendr - file sharing and transfer system, facilitating the sending of large files
Isle of Tune - create musical journeys using street layouts
iTALC - view and control other computers on the network
iTunes - manage music collection


Jamendo - download royalty-free, Creative Commons music
Jigsaw Planet - create jigsaw puzzles
Jing - capture desktop to create video tutorials
Jux - share words, photos and videos


Kerpoof - draw, tell stories and create cartoons and animation
Khan Academy – explore library of education videos from a variety of subjects
KickYoutube – type kick after www to convert YouTube videos to any format


Languages Online Australia - flash game makers
Letterpop – create newsletters, presentations and invitations.
Lingro - view any foreign language website through its online browser, click any word to find its meaning in English or the chosen language, create games with selected words – spanish videos with transcript, translations and grammar points
Lingt - create and edit language assignments incorporating voice, video, images, and text (foreign language teachers)
Linoit - create online noticeboards
LiveBinder – create online notebooks to house media, documents and web sites


Mahara - create electronic portfolios, weblogs
Make A Website Hub - build a website quickly and easily.
Make Beliefs Comix - create comic strips
Masher - create videos using videos or photos or library of resources
MentorMob – organize video, article or website into a playlist
Mindomo - create and share mind-maps
Mindmeister - create collaborative mind-maps
Minus - create photo galleries
Mouse Mischief - connect to computer using individual mice
Museum Box - build an argument or description of an event, person or historical period
My Award Maker - creating awards and certificates
MyCommittee - online meeting agenda creator
Myna - audio recording and editing tool
Myplick - share and embed presentations and audio
MyStickies – place sticky notes on webpages
MyWebspiration – brainstorming tool


Notepub - create online tasks

O - create slide shows from templates with photos and music
Online Photo Tool - edit and save images, screenshots and photos
Open Office - office suite with draw, database, spreadsheet, presentation and word-processing tools
OurStory – create timelines using images, videos and text


PBWorks - create wikis - create, publish and share text based web pages
Penzu – create online journal
Phixr - online photo editor.
PhotoPeach - slide show
Photo Story 3 - create photo slide shows and add commentary, soundtrack and transitions
PhotoSynth - stitch photos together into an interactive 3D
Photovisi – create a picture collage
PicLits – create sentences from word bank to describe essence of images
Picture2Life – edit, create collage and animate pictures
Piratepad - collaborate online using team sites
Pixer - online photo editor.
Pixorial - upload, edit and organize video files.
Pixton – online comic creator
Podomatic – publish podcasts
PollEverywhere – audience response system
Poisson Rouge - flash-based activities including Music, Biology and Mandarin Chinese!
Polldaddy - create online surveys and polls.
Popplet – create mind maps with pictures, text and videos
Posterous - create live blogs
Preloadr – edit and upload photos to flickr
Prezi - create visual presentations
PrimaryWall – web based sticky note tool


Quizlet - create and share flashcards


Random Activity Generator - generate a creative classroom activity, homework or task instantly.
Read Write Think – standards-based lesson plans and interactive activities
Rescue Timer – online stopwatch and countdown clock


Save Skelly - create interactive flash assessments
Scratch - create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art
ScreenCast-o-matic – cone-click capture recording
Screenr - record and share computer screen
Screentoaster - online screen recorder
Scribd – store and share documents
SiteBeginner - easy to follow technical guide to creating a website.
SketchUp - create and share 3D models
Skrbl – multi user whiteboard to sketch, text, share files and upload pictures
Slatebox - create collaborative mind-maps
Slideshare - share PowerPoint presentations
Smilebox - create e-cards, scrapbooks, slideshows and photo albums from digital photos
Snipshot - web based picture editing
Spicynodes - create visualizations, mindmaps or organizational charts
Stixy - share and collaborate on web-based bulletin boards
Storybird - create short, visual, digital stories - create videos by combining image and audio
Sumo Paint - image editing and painting
Survey Monkey - create online surveys and polls
Switchzoo - create new animals by switching their parts - web based word processor to collaborate in real-time


Tagul - create word or tag clouds
Tagxedo – create color schemes and change cloud shapes
TeacherTube - share online instructional videos
Text2MindMap – converts structured ideas into mind map
Textorizer – create pictures formed with text
Thinkature – chat, collaborate with shared visual workspace
Tiki-Toki – create animated timelines
Timeglider - create visual time line of historical or sequence of events
Timetoast - create interactive time lines that can be shared
Tiny URL – create a shortened url to a website
Titanpad - collaborate on a document simultaneously
TED – select from a collection of inspired talks from the world’s greatest thinkers
Toondoo - create comic characters and comic strips
Tubechop - cut and edit YouTube videos
Tumblr - post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from browser, phone, desktop or email
Tutpup – compete with students around the world to reinforce numeracy and literacy
Twiducate - social networking for schools
Twitter – create a micro-blog - type text requiring foreign accented characters in a variety of languages and copy it to a document - collaborate on a single document simultaneously


Udemy - create online courses, upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write blog posts


VectorMagic - converts images to vector images
Vimeo - video sharing
Vocaroo – create audio recordings
Voicethread - collaborate online by sharing media and comments - create animated characters and add text or voice recordings
Voxopop – create or join groups communicating with voice recordings instead of text
Vuvox - create personal, collaborative slideshows or presentations using digital media


Wallwisher – collaborate with stick notes
Weebly – create websites
WhenIsGood – poll group for best time to schedule meetings
Wikispaces – create wiki for collaboration
Wix – create web site
Wordle – create word clouds from text or web address
WordPress – create and maintain a blog
Writeboard – create and share web-based text documents.


Xmind – create mind map
Xtranormal - produce short films with virtual characters


Yacapaca - create quizzes, test, surveys and e-portfolios
Yammer - create private social network
Yodio – add voice to digital photos
Youconvertit - covert file formats to any file format
YouTube EDU - collection of educational videos supplied by colleges and universities
YouTube for Schools – locate videos from a controlled environment.


Zamzar - convert file format to any other file format and download YouTube videos
Zimmer Twins - create or watch animated cartoons
Zoho - create, share and store files online; includes word processor, spreadsheet maker, presentation tool, wiki editor, e-mail and other zoho tools
Zoho Challenge - create online tests and quizzes
ZooBurst – create digital stories with customized 3D pop-up books